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February 2022

3D Printing Is Transformative

Three-dimensional (3D) printing is revolutionizing every field it has touched, and orthotics and prosthetics (O&P) is no different. From a business perspective, adjusting a long-standing workflow to incorporate new technology is always daunting.

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January 2022

Here’s to a Prosperous 2022!

As I write this Publisher’s Memo, yet another in-person conference has been canceled due to Covid-19. While I thought we were making progress with more events going back to live, Covid-19 has once again reared its ugly head, dampening the demand for in-person…

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July 2021

2020’s Struggles Shine Light on New Opportunities—for LER and Readers

So much has happened, I don’t even know where to begin. This is time for reflection and appreciation for where we have been and where we are going. All our lives and businesses have been changed forever. This pandemic has affected us in so many ways personally and professionally. In many ways, our eyes and hearts were opened.

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January 2021

Publishers Memo: Carpe Diem! Let’s Seize the Heck Out of 2021!

Now that 2020 is finally over…we can reflect on all that we have learned: Who and what is important, how to work on our business and not in it, how to slow down, look for opportunities, stay positive, be kind to others always, stay focused, and keep our eyes and ears open.

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June 2019

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun…Thank You for 10 Great Years… Here’s to 10 More!

A big thank you goes out to our readers, expert authors, Editorial Advisory Board members, advertisers, writers, editors, designers, production managers, and webmasters! You all have made 10 years of publishing LER possible. I look forward to the next 10.

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January 2018

Publisher’s memo: Fresh opportunities in a New Year

Warm wishes for a peaceful and prosperous 2018! We are making changes to Lower Extremity Review that I know the LER community will find useful.  Let me take a few minutes to explain.

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July 2017

Publisher’s memo: Taking stock, taking action

Readers of LER are very familiar with the fact that healthcare is constantly evolving, and that professional success depends in part on the ability to respond to those changes. Similarly, at LER, we also realize the importance of adapting to change—with regard to evolutions in publishing as well as evo­lutions in healthcare.

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July 2016

Publisher’s memo: Our ears are open

The key to growth is listening! You never know where the next great idea may come from. When we launched LER in 2009, it was because I kept hearing that the market needed something different. I did my best to assemble the best team to deliver the best content for you. Seven years later, LER is…

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July 2015

Publisher’s memo: One to grow on

Another year has passed, filled with new and exciting developments for LER. With all the growth that we have experienced in the past year, it was necessary to expand our editorial team with promotions to Emily Delzell and P.K. Daniel, who are now senior editor and associate editor, respectively.

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July 2014

Publisher’s memo: Rewards of listening

I have been in the lower extremity publishing space for 25 years, and one thing I have realized is that listening is the key to learning.

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July 2013

Publisher’s memo: A healthier approach

As we celebrate LER’s fourth anniversary, I feel that I would be remiss if I didn’t take this opportunity to share what I have personally experienced this past year. Last July, my wife decided to go back to school to become a certified health coach. Little did I know then that this would bring profound changes in my life both personally and professionally.

Richard Dubin, Publisher

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July 2012

Publisher’s memo: Embracing change

As a father of four, I knew the day would come when one of them would be moving on. As my wife and I watched our eldest son walk across the stage to receive his high school diploma, I was reminded of how fast life moves and how important it is to have a strong network of support to help embrace that change.

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July 2011

Publisher’s memo: Our second year

Another year has virtually flown by, and I am so happy to share with you LER’s progress as an organization in the past year. Thanks in no small part to you, our readers, we have experienced a lot of exciting accomplishments and achieved some key goals that I had set when I started the magazine.

Richard Dubin, Publisher

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July 2010

Publisher’s memo: The first of many

When I decided to create LER, I spoke with many of you to determine if there was a need for a multi-disciplinary magazine exclusively focused on the lower extremity. The response was overwhelming and very positive. You wanted a practical, easy-to-read publication that delivered the clinical literature reviews but without all the dry and boring details of the methods, a publication that encouraged collaboration and helped to improve outcomes for your patients.

by Richard Dubin, Publisher

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