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If you have a lower extremity product or service that appeals to different market segments, then LER is the right publication for you!

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Welcome to LER

Rich Dubin, Publisher

Rich Dubin – Founder & Publisher

2021 will be a great year (always think positively!). It will be the year we tame COVID (again, think positively). But more importantly, it will be the year we begin to implement the key  lesson of 2020’s various virtual tryouts: namely the power of non-live events and their ability to spread messages in non-traditional ways. When coupled with the right print product, it’s a winning combination.

There are many places to spend your advertising budget, but if you have a lower extremity product or service that appeals to different market segments, then LER is the ONLY publication you need!

There is no one approach that fits every client. I take the time to understand your product line and business strategy to craft the most effective program that will bring you more customers and increase your bottom line. It can be any combination of print, online event, content development, digital marketing, direct mail, public relations, or just about anything we can dream up together.

2020 was a hard year for all of us, and certainly some more than others, but we’ve made it this far, and we’ll keep moving forward. Life will get back to “normal”…and while that normal will be new, LER will still be here, but we’ll be joined by lerEXPERT and lerEXPO to further your business needs.

I look forward to working with you to expand your market, strengthen your brand, and grow your sales!

Best regards,

Richard Dubin
Founder and Publisher


Lower Extremity Review is a multidisciplinary collaboration that provides a practical approach to treating the lower extremity. LER bridges the information gap between practitioners and manufacturers with an emphasis on outcomes.

Carpe Diem! 2021 Has Arrived!

Our readers are on the frontlines of healthcare in all manner of facilities. They prove the meaning behind Carpe Diem and our mission statement reflects their commitment:

LER: Showcasing evidence and expertise across multiple medical disciplines to build, preserve, and restore function of the lower extremity from pediatrics to geriatrics.

Yes, we will go boldly, but LER also advocates careful, thoughtful progress propelled by evidence-based medicine. At LER, we  believe that:

  • biomechanics matter
  • injury prevention is possible
  • diabetic foot ulcers can be prevented
  • collaborative care leads to better outcomes

Biomechanics—the phenomenon of human movement—matters

The human body needs to move to survive: From early days of hunting on the savannah to wandering through grocery stores, real or virtual, today, humans evolved to move in their environment. But like most things in nature, each human is unique in how it moves through this world, and biomechanics reflect that singularity. Keeping biomechanics sustainable or correcting misalignments–that is what LER readers do every day with patients all along the age spectrum from pediatrics to geriatrics.

Injury prevention is possible

“There is no such thing as an accident.” Napoleon Bonaparte might get credit for saying that, but it was the public health community of the 1990s that set out to change the way we think about what’s now called “unintentional injury.” Today, across the spectrum, injury prevention is an integral part of healthcare, sports, physical education, and everyday safety concerns. The evidence is there that prevention works—from overuse in sports to falls prevention in the elderly. Preventing injury—by overuse, underuse, or misuse—is what LER readers strive for every day.

Diabetic foot ulcers can be prevented

Consider this dire state of affairs:

  • 185,000 lower-extremity amputations every year in the US
  • 85% of all lower-extremity amputations in the diabetic population preceded by a foot ulcer
  • 38% of diabetic patients who undergo lower-extremity amputation losing the other leg in the next 3 years
  • 75% of diabetic patients who undergo lower-extremity amputations not surviving 5 years.

Readers of LER want more than those dismal projections for their patients. From smart mats that record multiple data points to socks with embedded sensors and more, LER readers are innovating every day to find new ways to prevent DFUs and improve patients’ quality of life.

Collaborative care leads to better outcomes.

We know collaborative care works when all members of the healthcare team work together. We see it firsthand at every professional athletic event when the trainers run to assist an injured player and set a whole chain of events in motion. Collaborative care is about letting each specialty’s expertise provide input. LER brings all those voices into one place because our readers aren’t bound by academic silos. They’re at the forefront, providing healthcare to patients who don’t meet textbook definitions. LER readers get it: Collaborative care leads to better outcomes.

Our Goal

At LER, our goal is to create CREDIBLE CONTENT that engages readers. We know this is true from their comments on the website to their emails with questions about a story to their phone calls suggesting topics…to recent citations by the Washington Post and ESPN from a 2015 article on Lisfranc fractures.  LER’s content drives reader engagement because credibility counts!

Our goal is to be ACCESSIBLE. Editorial staff attends professional healthcare meetings throughout the year to talk to experts, exhibitors, and attendees to bring the most up-to-date findings to our readers. We’ve done that from day 1, but we also maintain open archives—our online content is not behind a paywall—that’s why we have more than 175,000 unique visitors a month. This is why WaPo and ESPN were able to cite the 2015 article.

Our goal is to be APPROACHABLE—as a publication, as a website, as a community organizer. We talk to all clinicians who may benefit from hearing about collaborative care or how orthotic products can help improve patient outcomes.

Our goal is to be COLLABORATIVE—with experts from all disciplines, with readers from all over the world, with innovative entrepreneurs who build products that can benefit our readers’ patients. We’re happy to work with anyone whose goal is to improve the care of the lower extremity.

Like most things in life, it takes a village. LER is successful because we understand that keeping the lower extremity running well requires all of us working together…because we really do believe collaboration leads to better outcomes.

Give us a call.

Custom Content

LER generates in-depth exclusive content for a specific area of interest. Your sponsorship highlights your commitment to education and heightens your position as a market leader. Below are samples of our projects.


A stand-alone publication polybagged with LER, “In Step With Pediatric Hypotonia” covered diagnostic challenges, gait analysis, and orthotic management. Sponsored by an educational grant from Surestep.



conference-coverage-2015Conference Coverage:

For five consecutive years, LER provided exclusive coverage of the Ortho Technology Forum. Sponsored by an educational grant from Delcam.



Sponsored Column:

The quarterly Vascular Viewpoint column focused on management of lower extremity vascular issues. Sponsored by an educational grant from Medi USA.



Special Reports:

This multi-part series, “Early Orthotic Intervention in Pediatric Patients,” examined orthotic use in patients with cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome and other neuromuscular disorders.  Sponsored by an educational grant from LaunchPad O&P and Orthotic Care Services.



Additional Custom Opportunities:

Outserts: Include your flyer or catalog in the polybag with LER for less than the cost of postage and increase your ROI.

Custom Reprints: Enhance your commitment to education and reprint any LER article with only your branding. Call for more details.

List Rentals: Rent our qualified list for your direct mail efforts. Our readership will respond to your marketing message.

Online Advertising – contains more than 4,500 proprietary clinical and industry-related articles with new content generated monthly. This immense amount of relevant content yields a higher ranking result for search engines. Bring LER’s digital components to your marketing mix and capitalize on those quality leads.

Show how a product works and capture the attention of the viewer in the LER Video Resource Center

Sponsor a keyword associated with your business to drive traffic back to your website.

Topic-specific content with link and sponsorship

Banner Ads:

Heighten awareness of your company or product alongside relevant content with an exclusive banner ad.

A – Large leaderboard ad: 920×90 $1,300/mo.
B – Small leaderboard ad: 450×60 $850/mo.
C – Skyscraper ad (right column): 160×600 $850/mo.
D – Large vertical banner (in page): 200×300 $750/mo.
E – Sponsored ad (in page): 640×150 $950/mo.
F – Hot button (in page): 20×60 $600/mo.
G – Vertical banner ad (left column): 180×242 $750/mo.
H – Small horizontal button (in page): 200×150 $650/mo.



E-blast Sponsorship

12,726+ subscribers have chosen to receive LER content via email. Promote your product or service in this weekly e-blast.

Open Rate: 19–24% • Click Through Rate: 6–9%

For more details and to reserve space, contact Rich Dubin: (518) 221-4042 or (518) 452-6898

For more details and to reserve space, contact Rich Dubin: (518) 221-4042 or (518) 452-6898

A – Large leaderboard ad: 570×78 $1,750/mo.
B – Inside leaderboard ad: 550×55 $1,500/mo.
C – Sponsored Product ad: 550×200 $1,750/mo.

The cost is for 30 days (approximately 4 emails). LER also offers exclusive single sponsor custom e-blasts.

LER’s multi-disciplinary opt-in subscriber list ensures this email is seen by its recipient and open and click-through rates are high.

With weekly e-blasts and limited advertisers, your ad will have high visibility. Immediate reader response tracking is available to determine ROI.


Week One: Featured Content
LER exclusive articles from the current issue

Week Two: Clinical News
Cutting edge news from national and international scientific conferences and the medical literature

Week Three: Industry News
Coverage of product-specific studies and other industry developments

Week Four: Topic Specific
Articles on specific topics such as Diabetes, Sports Medicine, Biomechanics

Custom E-Blast Option

We can also create your own dedicated custom e-blast to this unique group. Call for Pricing

Print Rates/Deadlines/Specs:

Print advertising is still the #1 method of reaching today’s practitioner. Advertise your lower extremity product to LER’s multi-disciplinary readership.

Trim size: 8.375” x 10.875”
No bleed: 7.625” x 10”
With bleed: 8.625” x 11.125” NEED 0.125” bleed all around. Keep all text 0.25” from trim edge.

Vertical 3.687” x 9.794”
Horizontal 7.625” X 4.849”

Vertical 3.687” x 4.849”

Press-ready pdfs, Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Quark. All colors to CMYK. 0.125” bleed if the ad bleeds. For Indesign and Quark – include all images and fonts.


Marketing and Consulting Services

With 40+ years of combined experience in medical marketing and publishing, we have established a full-service advertising firm to assist the needs of all clients big and small. We offer ad design and layout, photography, website development, public relations, video production and editing, social media management and much more.


Click Image to Get Resource Guide Media Info

Click Image to Get Resource Guide Media Info

LER Resource Guide — #1 in Print & Online

The LER Resource Guide is the most comprehensive guide to products and services in the lower extremity marketplace online and in print. It is the first choice practitioners turn to and is distributed to the entire circulation of 28,000 and at every major trade show throughout the year. Make the Resource Guide part of your 2021 marketing plan.

Print Advertising – Your ad appears in the specific product sections

Enhanced Listings – Set your company apart from the competition and include your product photo, logo, and description in relevant categories

Full Page Company Profile – Have a full-page article written about your company by a member of the LER editorial team

Category Banners – Exclusive product category banners on



Mobile Advertising

With over 89,000 monthly visitors via mobile devices, it isn’t a surprise that the future of advertising is in mobile marketing. Because of the limited real estate that is inherent with this platform, LER will limit its on-page advertising space to focus on content. That means that this precious space is of great value to you as an advertiser. The site features responsive technology, which means your mobile ads will resize based on the user’s screen resolution.


Banner Ads:

A – Top leaderboard ad: 570×78 $1,750/mo.

B – Inside leaderboard ad: 550×55 $1,500/mo

C – Bottom leaderboard ad: 550×200 $1,750/mo.







Social Media

Social media reaches your buyers wherever they are. The LER social media marketing team can post, tag, link or tweet to enhance your social media presence: $750/month (call for details)

FACEBOOK: 23,000+ likes • MONTHLY POST VIEWS: 150,000+
YOU TUBE: 125,000+ video views • TWITTER: 3,700+ followers

Bring Your Next Event Online

Introducing lerEXPO! We’d like to introduce you to – the first Global Community for Online Education in the lower extremity space. Just like Lower Extremity Review (, it will be multidisciplinary including Podiatry, Orthopedics, Physical Therapy, Orthotics and Prosthestics, Pedorthics, Chiropractic and Athletic Training. Our platform will allow online presentations with speakers able to gauge audience attitude, panel discussions, breakout sessions for small groups, a cocktail party for all attendees (think Speed Networking facilitated by interests you’ve pre-selected), and interactivity with select sponsors who understand what you need to know about their products. It’s a unique experience for these challenging times.