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March 2022

New Resources Use Shared Decision-Making Approach to Help Inform Difficult Decisions About Partial Foot Amputation

Partial foot amputation is a life changing event. Unfortunately, many people seem poorly informed about the amputation surgery itself, likely outcomes, and the risks of complications. As such, the experience often differed from people’s expectations, or they were ill-prepared when complications arose.

By Michael Dillon, PhD* Continue reading

November 2021

Building The Orthotics and Prosthetics Workforce of Tomorrow

The O&P Global project: research, investigation and consultation. The foundation for an international body to support national-level regulation of orthotist/prosthetists. The global demand for orthotic/prosthetic (O&P) services is set to double by 2050.

By Leigh Clarke, M.PH, B.PO (hons), c-OP AOPA; Emily Ridgewell, PhD, B.PO (hons), c-OP AOPA; Sarah Anderson, PhD, B.PO (hons), c-OP AOPA; and Michael P Dillon, PhD, B.PO (hons), c-OP AOPA Continue reading

October 2021

Is Weight Loss or Physical Activity More Important for Preventing Type 2 Diabetes?

Ever since the U.S. Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) multicenter trial was completed nearly 2 decades ago,1 we have known that it is possible to prevent, or at least delay, prediabetes (an insulin resistant state) from progressing into full-blown type 2 diabetes. Why? In the study, diabetes risk was reduced by 58% in the…

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September 2021

Better Than Aging Gracefully Is Aging Flexibly Through Feet & Ankles

The question is, where does it all begin? Our body’s biomechanical function starts at the foot level and as we age, if ignored, this relationship typically takes a turn for the worst. Foot and ankle training is perhaps the single most neglected component of strength and performance, especially in older adults. 

By Philip J Stotter, CEP Continue reading

June 2021

French Open’s Treatment of Osaka Exposes Long-Buried Bias in Sport

Naomi Osaka, 23, a no. 2 ranked woman tennis player is taking professional sports and athletes higher. Leading up to the French Open, Osaka declined to participate in mandatory press conferences to preserve her mental health. Osaka stated, “I am not a natural public speaker and get huge waves of anxiety before I speak to the world’s media…

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May 2021

O&P’s Need for Differentiation

Although orthotics and prosthetics (O&P) is a small part of healthcare, it provides critical clinical services for millions of Americans living with limb loss and limb impairment. Unfortunately, because of the way O&P services are reimbursed, O&P providers are often not compensated for all care provided to patients. Continue reading

May 2021

Ode to Movement and Happy Feet

Life is about movement. Everything in the universe moves. Trees move and mighty mountains move. The stars in the universe and the planet we live on move. This summer, the Olympic Games of last year are moving on again. Olympians will move their bodies to “Citius, Altius, Fortius” – Faster, Higher, Stronger – the Olympic motto. Continue reading

October 2020

Secrets of Speed: Seven Smart Steps to Getting Faster

Athletes in all sports are constantly looking for an edge. Often, the focus is on increasing speed. The importance of high-intensity training cannot be underestimated, but there are prerequisites. These are part of the MAF Method, allowing athletes to develop a lasting individualized plan to improve fitness — including speed — while also maintaining optimum health.

By Phil Maffetone, DC

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September 2020

The Dirty Truth About Being Biped

What bears don’t know didactically about forces, shock, and kinetic chain, they understand naturally, instinctually, and it is evidenced by the way they move. Bears can stand on two legs, play, pose, and walk as bipeds do, but when it comes to motion involving speed, safety, or…

By Jay Segel, DPM; Sally Crawford, MS; Grace Juriel; and Jason Kraus Continue reading

August 2020

Why Use Exercise

It’s been a tough few weeks for exercise in healthcare, both on social media and in the literature. A recent systematic review1 has shown it provides little to no benefit for acute low back pain. Then a popular blogger called it ‘snake oil’ and a ‘dirty word.’2 And finally, a discussion on twitter questioned my favorite slogan of ‘you can’t go wrong getting strong.’

By Adam Meakins, BSc (Hons), Physiotherapy Continue reading

August 2020

What If We Adopted PPE as a Mindset for Ankle Protection?

Workplace safety, the right to be safe in your workplace and while going about the activities of your work, was certainly a thing before the COVID-19 pandemic struck. However, the pandemic laid bare some of the realities of the workplace that so many of us never even thought about. I’m talking, of course, about Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE.

By Craig J. Hubbard, Inventor/Designer Continue reading

July 2020

COVID-19, Athletic Trainers, and Social Determinants of Health

COVID-19 has created a unique situation where demand for traditional athletic training services for those in athletic endeavors has decreased.  At the same time, the need for best practices in interprofessional collaboration, upstream primary care triage, and return to activity guidance amidst a healthcare crisis are in high demand.  Innovation and redefining of historical practices are creating new opportunities for the…

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June 2020

The Impact of The COVID-19 Pandemic on Global Humanitarian Efforts: A Crisis Within a Crisis

The sun is rising as a mass of people gather outside the Landmark Hotel in Amman, Jordan. It is the first day of the Atlantic Humanitarian Relief (AHR) October 2018 Medical Mission. One hundred volunteers from 15 different countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Sweden…

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