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August 2018

Falls Prevention among Older Adults: It Takes a Village

When most people think about September and the start of fall, they think of the beginning of the school year, getting back into routine after the summer, and cool crisp days. At the National Council of Aging (NCOA) when we think about fall, we think about and plan for National Falls Prevention Awareness Day, which is observed around the country on the first day of fall.

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July 2018

Guest Editorial: Youth Overuse Injuries and What Clinicians, Parents and Coaches Can Do

It’s one of the key issues in youth sports today: an epidemic of overuse and repetitive motion injuries. It affects both lower and upper extremities, across the board, in all sports at all ages. As the world of youth sports has grown dramatically, so have these injury problems.

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June 2018

Footniche: A new paradigm for thinking about foot care

Definitions are important because words can make the difference between understanding and misunderstanding. I prefer a simple definition of footwear: that which covers the foot. This definition does not say it is a top covering of the foot—just a covering of the foot. In the definition of something as fundamental as footwear, I believe that less is more.

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May 2018

In a perfect world, no one would need health insurance

In my podiatric practice, I have found that health insurance can impede patient care, by adding layers of complication and burden to all involved, particularly the patient and the provider. Private-sector insurance companies have profits to make, buildings to build, shareholders to satisfy, and overhead costs to pay. Government-run plans have costs, exclusionary policies, bureaucratic oversight, and a changing landscape as administrations change.

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April 2018

When considering amputation, consider the whole patient

It is likely that someone close to you has faced a major health decision. After the choices and medical advice have been considered, a very personal factor came into play, and the words were spoken: “I don’t want to be a burden.” Continue reading

March 2018

Navigating disruption in the foot orthotics landscape—Are you ready?

For more than 50 years the custom foot orthotic industry has pretty much stayed the same. Of course, change has occurred, such as the introduction and widespread adoption of digital casting and CAD/CAM production vs hand-poured plaster. Continue reading

February 2018

Strengthening the Interprofessional Approach to Fall Prevention

Health care professionals who work with older adults are all too familiar with the devastating sequelae of falls, including injury and fear of falling that can lead to activity restriction and further risk of falls. Most worrisome is that death rates from falls have doubled between 2000 and 2014, which highlights the importance of sustaining existing fall prevention efforts, and of building new ones. Continue reading

November 2017

Out on a limb: Low tech, high value

The use of advanced technologies to provide feedback to patients during rehabilitation is all the rage in lower extremity healthcare. But, as exciting as these new modalities can be, it’s important to remember that low-tech feedback strategies can make hi-tech data even more clinically useful.

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October 2017

Out on a limb: Strength of purpose

Everyone has days when we just go through the motions—at our jobs, in social situations, at the gym—and tell ourselves it isn’t a big deal. But as clinicians you know that when patients just go through the motions of complying with prescribed treatments, their…

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September 2017

Out on a limb: Of opioids and outcomes

Recent efforts to reduce utilization of opioid pain medications for lower extremity joint injuries and surgical rehabilitation have mostly focused on reducing the risk of addiction. But there’s another important reason to be concerned about the use of opioids in these patients—and other popular pain medications as well.

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August 2017

Out on a Limb: Seeking a safer preseason

Anyone watching the injuries accumulate during the most recent National Football League (NFL) preseason might be en­couraged by the league’s  plans to shorten the pre­season from four weeks to three. But the medical literature suggests a much better way to reduce the incidence of preseason injuries.

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July 2017

Out on a limb: Back to the evidence

The farther you go up the kinetic chain, the more some things about evidence-based medicine stay the same. The spine differs in many ways from most of the lower extrem­ity segments of the kinetic chain. Obvious differences include the shape and function of the bony structures, the complex roles of the adjacent muscles, and how the spine responds to the demands of movement.

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June 2017

Out on a limb: Valuable testimony

A person’s testimony doesn’t always agree with objective evidence—that’s why some defense attorneys won’t allow their clients to take the stand during a trial, even in their own defense. Similarly, as most clinicians know, patient-reported outcomes aren’t always consistent with objective measures of function.

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May 2017

Out on a limb: Healing arts

Healthcare practitioners and artists wouldn’t seem to have much in common, other than perhaps an appreciation of anatomy. But a new book has made me think the two professions also share an appreciation of people.

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April 2017

Out on a limb: Workload roulette in the NFL

A recent study reported that National Football League (NFL) running backs with more than 300 carries in a season are not more likely to miss time with an injury the following season than those with consider­ably fewer carries. For fantasy football players, this is great news. But for sports medicine experts, it’s a reminder that injury risk rarely can be boiled down to a single parameter.

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March 2017

Out on a limb: In search of symmetry

Researchers and clinicians who work with unilateral lower limb amputees are increasingly exploring the effects of prosthetic devices on gait asymmetries and joint loading. What’s less well known is that prostheses designed for use above the waist can also have positive effects on gait.

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February 2017

Out on a limb: Her head’s in the game

It’s more difficult to assess the effects of head impacts in female lacrosse players than in their male counter­parts. But it’s no less important, particularly with regard to lower extremity injury prevention.

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January 2017

Out on a limb: Think outside the knee

We hear a lot about various comorbidities associated with knee osteoarthritis (OA), and how addressing those additional conditions can help improve knee pain and function. But a growing body of research suggests one set of comorbidities that knee OA experts may be overlooking are those involving the foot and ankle.

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November 2016

Out on a limb: Strike pattern revisited

The concept of foot-strike pattern during running—something rarely discussed a decade ago, even in research circles—is now pervasive among runners as well as biomechanics experts and lower extremity clinicians. But that’s not necessarily a good thing.

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October 2016

Out on a limb: Weight loss vs wellness

Obese individuals often spend their entire lives telling themselves how much better their lives would be if only they were thin. But losing massive amounts of weight following bariatric surgery doesn’t automatically make a person a better candidate for total knee arthroplasty (TKA)—any more than it automatically makes a person happy—if underlying issues have been ignored.

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September 2016

Out on a limb: Brains, sprains, & the NFL

National Football League (NFL) players say they worry more about lower extremity injuries than concussions. But a growing body of evidence suggests the latter injury actually increases the likelihood of the former.

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August 2016

Out on a limb: Falling in with feedback

One of the interesting things about LER’s multi­disciplinary perspective is being able to follow a new idea as it is examined and embraced by one specialty after another, each with its own therapeutic goals and challenges.

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July 2016

Out on a limb: PFP pathfinding

Patellofemoral pain’s subgroup situation just got a lot more interesting, thanks to study findings presented in June at the annual meeting of the National Athletic Trainers Association in Baltimore, MD.

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June 2016

Out on a limb: Subjectivity & sensitivity

Listening to what patients have to say is an important part of healthcare. But, 
as research continues to demonstrate, it’s no substitute for objective measurements.

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May 2016

Out on a limb: Stumping for SR in sports

Platelet-rich plasma injections. Kinesiology tape. Foam rolling. Compression garments. Blood-flow restriction training. Elite athletes have always been at the leading edge of the latest tech­niques believed to help speed recovery from injury, often long before they’ve been…

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