January 2018

Publisher’s memo: Fresh opportunities in a New Year

Rich Dubin, PublisherWarm wishes for a peaceful and prosperous 2018! We are making changes to Lower Extremity Review that I know the LER community will find useful.  Let me take a few minutes to explain.

First, I welcome Julia Muino as the new LER Editor. With more than 3 decades of experience, Julia will be your point of contact for day-to-day and long-range editorial matters and will provide vision and leadership for the editorial team. This past December, Jordana Bieze Foster completed her long tenure as Editor; likewise, Associate Editor P.K. Daniel has moved on to other opportunities. I thank them for their many contributions to LER.

Second, LER Senior Editor Emily Delzell will become Editor of LER Pediatrics. Emily is passionate about her work; we anticipate much growth for this quarterly publication—and therefore a lot of valuable information for your practice. The editorial effort will also benefit from the advisory work of newly retained Consulting Editor John Baranowski, who brings decades of medical editorial management experience and collaboration with authors and experts to LER.

Be assured, readers: The new LER editorial team will keep the guiding principle of editorial integrity intact at the same time it undertakes important improvements to content. For example, you’ll soon see reference lists the end of articles in the print edition—not just consigned to article archives at www.lermagazine.com. We’ve realized how useful this simple change will be.

More is happening in 2018

  • A missing aspect of our editorial complexion has been input from readers. Collaboration and 2-way communication are key, and you’ll hear more about these values as the year progresses. The Editors and Publisher welcome your comments and concerns; we want to hear suggestions for articles, and we invite you to consider (always in discussion with the Editors) turning your experience and expertise into a manuscript proposal. Our goal? Open a more robust 2-way flow of information.
  • The print edition of LER will undergo a graphic redesign to take the publication to the next level of visual excellence. So will www.lermagazine.com­ —in part to help you find and navigate articles more easily and quickly.
  • We will launch new editorial sections.
  • The Editors will work closely with a reinvigorated editorial advisory board and a panel of industry experts, to ensure that content is better aligned with the needs of LER’s multi-disciplinary audience.
  • And still more to look for: The industry news section, “Market Mechanics,” reinvented as a weekly e-newsletter; an LER virtual trade show; on-line education; and an “On-Demand Custom Publishing” portal, where you can combine LER content and your own original content to create and distribute educational materials for your patients.
  • Last, we’re building a dedicated news and social media editorial team, staffed by Karen Henry and Laura Hochnadel, formerly at The O&P Edge.

These exciting changes will mean a richer, more integrative publication. I am grateful for the support of the entire LER community: readers, advertisers, and industry experts, as well the LER team of publishing professionals. Some of them have been here since the beginning: Christine Silva (design and production), Anthony Palmeri (web site development), New Products Editor Rikki Lee Travolta, and Operations Coordinator Melissa Rosenthal-Dubin.

Thank you, readers and supporters of Lower Extremity Review. As always, reach out to me any time (rich@lermagazine.com).

Rich Dubin, Publisher

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