July 2016

Publisher’s memo: Our ears are open

Rich Dubin, Publisher

By Richard Dubin, Publisher

The key to growth is listening! You never know where the next great idea may come from.

When we launched LER in 2009, it was because I kept hearing that the market needed something different. I did my best to assemble the best team to deliver the best content for you. Seven years later, LER is still going strong and our momentum keeps building. There are definitely times when I need to pinch myself.

Listening to the needs of our readers has always been key to the success of LER, and it has also been an important factor in our growth. We are always considering ideas for expanding in different directions under the broad category of lower extremity care, but to maintain quality we know we need to be very selective about which of those directions we end up exploring. Since 2014, we have launched two new quarterly magazines, LER: Foot Health and LER: Pediatrics. These additional pages of focused, evidence-based content—as well as a more targeted advertising base—are intended to help you as lower extremity clinicians treat your patients more effectively, stay informed about the most current research, and grow your practice. Your support and dedication have made both of these publications a success.

Looking for new opportunities in business can be a challenge, and one way to meet that challenge is by opening our ears.

To further support the community and consistently provide you with easy access to our articles and references, we have launched a new dedicated website for each of these quarterly publications. LERfoothealth.com and LERpediatrics.com are up and running, so please check them out and let us know what you think. We are always listening.

These exciting developments could not have happened without the contributions of two key groups of people. I want to acknowledge the LER editorial team for continuing to provide content that is so timely and on point. This excellent content is why our readers continue to be so engaged in the growing LER platform. I also want to acknowledge our supportive advertising community, which consistently offers innovative products to help you in your practice. Without them, we would not be able to provide you with the quality information you’ve come to expect from LER. When I hear from a company that a customer said, “I saw your ad in LER,” it means a lot to me, and I thank you for that!

We all know that businesses can become complacent. This is definitely not the case with the LER team. Looking for new opportunities in business can be a challenge, and one way to meet that challenge is by opening our ears. To best serve the lower extremity market, we need to consistently listen to determine where we can delve deeper. I encourage ideas and input from anyone affiliated with LER in any way—a team member, freelance writer, friend, family member, reader, or advertiser could come up with the next good idea for us to explore. So please continue to use your voice and express your ideas. Feel free to reach out to me directly at rich@lermagazine.com. I would love to hear what you have to say. Who knows—your suggestion could be the inspiration for our next quarterly magazine!

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