January 2022

Here’s to a Prosperous 2022!

Rich Dubin, Publisher

Rich Dubin – Founder & Publisher

By Rich Dubin

As I write this Publisher’s Memo, yet another in-person conference has been canceled due to Covid-19. While I thought we were making progress with more events going back to live, Covid-19 has once again reared its ugly head, dampening the demand for in-person meetings and increasing the desire to go virtual…at least for now.

Despite the hardships the pandemic has brought many, I am grateful for the past year as the LER brand is now fully entrenched in the virtual space. As with LER’s introduction into the marketplace in the down times of 2008-2009, lerEXPO was in the right place at the right time and has provided more than 22 online events since the start of the pandemic for a variety of manufacturers and associations offering CEUs and CMEs for attendees. We have delivered online education to over 5000 attendees and have generated thousands of qualified quality leads for manufacturers large and small who have been struggling to gain traction during these trying times. As we look to 2022 and beyond, we have partnered with Advanced Physicians in Wound Health, North Central Ohio Academy of Podiatric Medicine, Western University of Podiatric Medicine, and Pedorthic Footcare Association to provide online CME and CEU events that will serve the many healthcare professions that treat the lower extremity.

The magazine’s editorial will continue to address the complex care that many lower extremity patients need with a focus on collaborative care and its role in improving outcomes.  We are already working with multidisciplinary authors to provide content that tackles larger topics such as diabetic foot ulcers, peripheral neuropathy, and the many challenges of aging, including falls prevention. And we will continue to look at sport-related injuries and how to prevent them with both exercise and technology.

With over 30 years in the multidisciplinary lower extremity space, we understand the market like no-one else. Our online visibility and tremendously supportive and loyal following, combined with the value we place on evidenced-based content, make our events the most successful around. We are committed to building a community of learning that bridges the gap among clinicians, manufacturers, and associations. The times have definitely changed and we need to adapt accordingly. lerEXPO’s engaging platform makes our events the closest to being in-person. How do we know? Attendees have told us with comments such as these:

  • “This online format was fantastic. Best seminar in 40 yrs.”
  • “By far the best No Nonsense seminar I have attended and I have attended since the 1980’s. Great job”
  • “This is truly the best overall material and presentation of any seminar I’ve attended in the last thirty years.”
  • “I have to admit I participated in more of the content this year by having it virtually. Tremendous, tremendous job!!!”
  • “Well done and more effective learning process then [sic] in person”
  • “Actually, best seminar in years.”
  • “Please continue to offer virtual, even if we return to in person seminar! This was an awesome experience!”

Our deep understanding of the market makes us an ideal education partner and only enhances the success of these “virtual” events for everyone involved: clinicians, manufacturers, associations, and ultimately, patients. In addition, we will be building our own LER events around specific topics such as biomechanics, wound care, diabetes, bracing, materials, technology, and more—and LER’s readers will be the first to know.

To further cement our position in this new world, we have launched lerMARKETPLACE.com. This dynamic, 3D interactive, tradeshow offers clinicians a new way of receiving information and unique offers from self-selected manufacturers while providing manufacturers a way to generate new leads. We have been up and running for several months and have yielded over 77,000 pageviews for the vendors while providing thousands of leads and giving clinicians valuable up-to-date product information at the moment they were searching for it.

I want to send personal thanks out to our incredible team of designers, editors, writers, marketers, consultants, and more. Without all of you, none of this would be possible. Another big thank you goes out to the readers and clinicians, manufacturers, and associations that have put their faith and trust in what we do and are a part of this ever-growing community.

Here’s to a collaborative 2022–for all of us.

2021 Contributors

With gratitude and appreciation to all the authors and reviewers who made 2021 possible.

  • Joseph Albright, DPM
  • Rafael Ribeiro Alves
  • Sarah Anderson, PhD, B.PO (hons), c-OP AOPA
  • Marta Andretta
  • David G. Armstrong, DPM, MD, PhD
  • Frank J. G. Backx
  • Karen Bauer, DNP, APRN-CNP, CWS
  • Steven Best, PT, DPT, CSCS
  • Paul J. Betschart, DPM
  • Greg Bohn, MD
  • Martim Bottaro
  • Jennifaye V. Brown, PT, PhD, NCS
  • Mário Hebling Campos
  • Marissa Carter, MA, PhD
  • Leigh Clarke, M.PH, B.PO (hons), c-OP AOPA
  • Sheri Colberg, PhD
  • Windy Cole, DPM, CWSP
  • Laura Comber, PhD
  • Olga Connolly, Olympic Gold Medalist
  • Susan Coote, PhD
  • Ryan T. Crews, PhD, CCRP
  • Mark Cucuzella, MD, FAAFP
  • Sarah Curran, PhD, FCPodMed
  • Paul DeVita, PhD
  • Michael P. Dillon, PhD, B.PO (hons), c-OP AOPA
  • Carrie L. Docherty, PhD, ATC, FNATA
  • Luke Donovan, PhD, ATC
  • Mathias B. Forrester, BS
  • Thierry P. C. Franke
  • Happy Freedman and Friends
  • Paulo Gentil
  • Joseph J. Glutting, PhD
  • Arnaud Gouelle, PhD
  • Cary Groner
  • Hilary Gunn, PhD
  • Geoffrey P. Gustavsen, MD
  • Seunguk Han, MS, ATC
  • Jeremy R. Hawkins, PhD, LAT, ATC
  • Juha Markus Hijmans
  • Yunkyung Jessica Ho, BA
  • Madeline Hobbs, BA
  • Ty Hopkins, PhD, ATC
  • Koen Andre Horstink
  • Bionka M. A. Huisstede
  • Hayley Iosue, DPM
  • Anna-Marie Jones
  • Alon Kalron, PhD, PT
  • Thomas W. Kaminski, PhD, ATC, FNATA, FACSM
  • Hyunsoo Kim, PhD, ATC
  • Kevin A. Kirby, DPM
  • Alex Kor, DPM, MS
  • Robert Kornfeld, DPM
  • Jason Kraus
  • Eve Lee, MBA, CAE
  • Hyunwook Lee, MS, LAT, ATC
  • Brian D. Lepow, DPM
  • Robert Lin, CPO
  • Nathan Lloyd, MSc
  • Keith Loria
  • Monica R. Maly, PT, PhD
  • Giuseppe Marcolin
  • James McGuire DPM, LPT, LPed, FAPWHc
  • Mark Mendeszoon, DPM
  • Travis Montgomery, DPM
  • Simon Otter
  • Mark Paigen
  • Antonio Paoli
  • Catherine Payne
  • Chris Pignanelli, PhD(c)
  • Ronei Pinto
  • Alli Powell, DAT, LAT, ATC
  • Gillian Quinn, PhD
  • Michael Reeder, DO
  • Matthew Regulski, DPM, FFPM RCPS (Glasg)
  • Valerie Rein, PhD
  • Emily Ridgewell, PhD, B.PO (hons), c-OP AOPA
  • Alex Rizzato
  • Antonio Robustelli, MSc, CSCS
  • Lee Rogers, DPM, FFPM RCPS (Glasg)
  • Patrick Roscher, MS
  • Todd D. Royer, PhD
  • Murillo Santana
  • Carme Santoyo-Medina, MSc
  • Dino Scanio, MPH, CO, LO
  • Matthew Seeley, PhD, ATC
  • Thomas E. Serena, MD, FACS FACHM, MAPWCA
  • Detric Smith
  • Tracie Smith-Beyak
  • Robert Snyder, DPM, MBA, MSc, CWSP
  • Jun Son, PhD, ATC
  • Daniel Souza
  • Gerald Stark, PhD, MSEM, CPO/L
  • Philip J. Stotter, CEP
  • Julie Suhr, PhD
  • Charles B. Swanik, PhD
  • Terrell S. Tate, BOCP, CO
  • Abbey Thomas, PhD, ATC
  • Danielle Torp, MS, ATC
  • Lucas Henricus Vincentius van derWoude
  • Francesca Vidorin
  • Peter Watt
  • Nick Webborn
  • Robert Weil, DPM
  • Bethany A. Wisthoff, PhD, ATC
  • Amy Young, OMS-III
  • Dalia Zwick, PT, PhD

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