May 2022

Neuro One Nerve Support Cream

Neuro One Nerve Support Cream is a non-prescription topical formulation designed to relieve the numbing, burning, tingling, or stabbing pain caused by peripheral neuropathy. It contains L-arginine and vitamin B12, 2 well-documented substances known to improve nerve function. Because the nerves extending into the foot lie just below the skin, when Neuro One is applied to the foot and ankle, L-arginine and vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin) are absorbed and quickly reach the peripheral nerves. There, the L-arginine increases the production of nitric oxide, which directly improves nerve function. Likewise, the vitamin B12 is known to help the nerves in multiple ways. Result: With improved nerve function, the unwanted symptoms of peripheral neuropathy decrease and/or subside. Neuro One is dispensed from a 100ml, airless pump bottle to maintain the purity of the natural ingredients. Wholesale terms are available to healthcare practitioners.

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