February 2019

New Sandal Toe Footshell

Endolite’s new Sandal Toe Footshell offers a more natural look and provides flexibility of footwear choice with its enhanced sandal toe design. It is available in both a Light and Dark shade to help better match skin tones and offers additional width options, helping consumers to find the perfect fit. The new Endolite Sandal Toe Footshell is available as standard on a range of prosthetic products including: Linz, Elan, EchelonVAC, Echelon, EchelonVT, Esprit, Epirus, and Javelin. Endolite is part of Blatchford, a leading rehabilitation provider with 128 years of innovation and expertise in lower limb prosthetic technology. For over twenty years the company’s US team has been a cornerstone in the prosthetics industry, committed to responding to the mobility needs of customers and their patients.




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