June 2019

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun…Thank You for 10 Great Years… Here’s to 10 More!

Rich Dubin, Publisher

Rich Dubin – Founder & Publisher

By Rich Dubin, Publisher

A big thank you goes out to our readers, expert authors, Editorial Advisory Board members, advertisers, writers, editors, designers, production managers, and webmasters! You all have made 10 years of publishing LER possible. I look forward to the next 10.

I am so proud to present this 10th anniversary issue of LER. I could only dream of being at this point when I started LER in the middle of a recession in July 2009.

I had no idea then that our high quality editorial content would drive our circulation up to 28,000! That’s 28,000 multidisciplinary clinicians who work together to improve health outcomes for patients with lower extremity issues. Or that our robust, fully archived, open access website would boast over 2M unique visitors annually or that our social media network would yield over 1M views per year between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. All that is driven by our content—which is driven by our expert authors and Editorial Advisory Board members who work with our editors to make it happen on a monthly basis.

We all know the lower extremity market is always changing (reimbursement and consolidations) and evolving (patient care) and so is LER. We want to be here for you in new ways in the coming years and the content of this issue is a start. Bringing this issue to fruition represents a truly collaborative effort that aligns with our mission to deliver excellent, evidence-based content that you can trust: 20 experts offer practice and market insights to help you navigate the future.

Collaboration is key! Whether it’s in your practice or within our own team. We take pride in the content, look, and feel of the issue you are holding. But make no mistake, we know collaboration takes work…that it takes us out of our comfort zone to reach a higher level. For this 10th anniversary issue, the LER team went back and forth over topics and authors, and we labored over the cover design. Everyone had something to say and everyone needed to be heard. By collaborating, I think we were able to come up with a theme and a design that clearly articulates who we are, where we are going, and how we can support you in this process. That theme is endless possibilities, and it’s turning up in several places.

Endless Possibilities For LER Readers

For me, the last 10 years have been about diving into and understanding endless possibilities. I have learned that I cannot do it all alone and I don’t know everything. I have to assemble and work with a team of experts with unique skills that support the LER vision. Revamping this team has enabled us to focus our energy on some key, mission critical launches for the LER community. As I said when we started 10 years ago, our readers come first and these new programs are consistent with that mission.

One of the key launches for 2019 is LER Consulting, a consultancy designed to help lone or small-group practitioners grow their business. This is where you can tap my 30 years of experience in the lower extremity marketplace as well as content generation, marketing, and branding to help grow your practice. In a quick 30-minute conversation, we will ask some key questions that will help uncover what is stopping your growth and provide direction for how to build the practice you dream about. For details, see page 12, visit lermagazine.com/expert or email me at rich@lermagazine.com.

Another very exciting launch that is coming soon is the LER Expo. This online portal will bring together exhibitors and educators in a way our market has never seen. In the hundreds of trade shows I have attended over the past 30 years, there is no question that costs are rising while attendance is dwindling. LER Expo will bridge the gap between our readers and advertisers in ways that will benefit both.

First Issue of LER July 2009

In closing, my biggest thanks go out to our editor, Janice Radak. Her willingness to collaborate is without parallel as evidenced by the many organizations and associations that we now work with. The editorial concept for this issue—commentaries by experts on their vision of the future for our multidisciplinary audience—was her brainchild. Janice joined the LER family just over a year ago and has been managing the editorial development, attending meetings all across the country, and finding new authors to create content that conveys the growth of the many disciplines we cover and the growing team dedicated to improving patient outcomes. Her decades of experience in medical content development including 8 years with the American Diabetes Association and 5 years as Editor-in-Chief of the journal Geriatrics plus graduate studies in physical anthropology and bipedalism make her an ideal fit for LER. Her mesh of experience, passion, and curiosity come through in article selection and author interactions. Please feel free to reach out to her if you have a story idea.

We both hope you’ll enjoy the thought-provoking insights provided by the 20 experts who chose to write for this special anniversary issue. We thank them for their willingness to indulge us in this request. We’ve certainly enjoyed working with each and every one as they developed their ideas.

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  1. Buzz Cutler says:

    Well done Rich!

  2. Rich You Know I respect you
    Please have your readers look at the article from Hoffman 1905 have them google it will contradict all of Latamir’s article
    steve Levitz

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