July 2014

Publisher’s memo: Rewards of listening

Rich Dubin, PublisherRichard Dubin, Publisher

I have been in the lower extremity publishing space for 25 years, and one thing I have realized is that listening is the key to learning.

When I started LER five years ago, a client I had known and worked with for 20 years said, “I love the concept of LER and will advertise for a few months, but in order to sustain and keep my business, you must continue to provide the best editorial content.” This is something that I took to heart, and we consistently focus on creating a publication that delivers something no other magazine can: Evidence-based, multidisciplinary, lower extremity content.

Our editor, Jordana Bieze Foster, covers conferences around the globe in all specialties to bring this exclusive content to you. Our freelance writers interview the researchers and clinicians who are breaking new ground in the lower extremity market. Generating consistently awesome content requires a strong and very well respected editorial team that includes Associate Editor Emily Delzell and Contributing Editor P.K. Daniel. Much of LER’s content also comes from experts in the field, who are listed on page 60.

LER’s award-winning content has made us a household name in the lower extremity space. The LER brand is present and very active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. We just hit 10,000 likes on Facebook. We’ve done it by posting only relevant content and by promoting interaction and community within the lower extremity market.

We launched a quarterly pediatric publication that has been an overwhelming success. We have produced single-sponsored supplements for Dr. Comfort and SureStep, as well as sponsored conference coverage for two International Olympic Committee events, four Delcam Orthotics Technology Forums, a textbook, and an iPad app.

What’s next? The next five years will be very exciting!

Our website has a new domain name. Lowerextremityreview.com was a mouthful, so we changed it to lermagazine.com to make it easier for you to access.

Within the immediate future, look for a new SureStep project and a publication sponsored by the Charcot-Marie-Tooth Association. Looking ahead, to meet the needs of an underserved global market and many requests from clients, we have plans to launch LER Canada, LER Australia, and LER UK. An LER conference is also in development. We will continue to bring new and exciting innovative publishing solutions to lower extremity clinicians through a host of other on-demand educational opportunities.

As you know, we deliver LER free to qualified clinicians. This service, and the rest of what we do, would not be possible without our long list of supportive advertisers. I thank each and every one of them, from our oldest supporters to the new ones. They believe in LER as much as you do, and by supporting them you support us.

In the next five years, help us keep the momentum strong.

Together we will bring LER to the world!

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