February 2019

Non-Opioid, Wearable Pain-Relief Solution

BioWaveGO is a non-opioid, FDA-cleared, wearable chronic pain–relief technology. It is used by most professional sports teams in the NFL, NHL, NBA, and MLB as well as by US military members and veterans in over 80 VA hospitals. BioWaveGO uses high-frequency neurostimulation technology to block pain at the source. Now available in a non-prescription strength, this affordable pain-relieving technology is becoming a viable solution for pain sufferers everywhere. The device is suited for knee, ankle, and upper-body pain. Measuring 3″x4″x1″, BioWaveGO can fit in a pocket so it can be used anywhere. According to the company, 85% of users experience significant pain reduction from a single 30-minute treatment. Pain relief can last up to 24 hours. BioWaveGO is not a TENS unit; it is a modern TENS replacement.




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