January 2021

Skineez Healing Compression Socks

Skineez Skin-Reparative Healing Compression Socks are the only 20–30 mmHg, firm gradient compression, hydrating socks on the market. This patented product is infused with 5 key healthy ingredients that deliver 24-hour hydration and repair the skin. In clinical trials, 80% saw softer, firmer skin in just 1 hour. The socks are made from moisture wicking fibers and are 100% latex free. Compression stockings help prevent the reappearance of spider and varicose veins that were removed during these surgeries; they provide relief from the painful symptoms that accompany varicose veins; and expecting mothers can use 20-30 mmHg compression socks during their pregnancy to help prevent varicose veins from forming. After the first 10 washes, use the Skineez’s patented Garment Replenishing Spray (sold separately) to reinfuse the socks for another 10 washes. Simply wash, turn inside out, spray, and allow to dry. Doctor recommended. NDC-coded with skin protectant.




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