February 2020

SilhouetteLite+ by ARANZ Medical

SilhouetteLite+ is a smart phone–based imaging product designed to enable accurate measurements, images, and data capture of soft tissue and skin lesions, such as diabetic foot ulcers. The SilhouetteLite+ system, in conjunction with the suite of Silhouette products, allows for wound documentation at the point of care or via telehealth solutions. It is easy to use and offers non-contact 2D planimetry modeling with support taking 2D measurements of the wound’s length, width, perimeter, and area. According to the company, the data collected is securely synchronized in ARANZ Medical’s proprietary, cloud database, SilhouetteCentral, for ease of analysis and reporting. The system consists of an app and a sensor that attaches to the back of an iPhone or iPad.

ARANZ Medical



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