October 2019

BRD Sport G18 Plus Knee Brace

The BRD Sport G18 Plus Knee Brace offers extra relief and stability from pain and injuries related to arthritis and physical activities and features an adjustable strap, as compared to the company’s G18 Knee Brace. The G18 Plus Knee Brace is designed to stabilize the kneecap when it is vulnerable and prevent further injury or damage. The brace’s 3D technology offers targeted compression and reduces swelling while relieving pain and inflammation. A medical-grade silicone doughnut surrounds the kneecap and enhances circulation. An adjustable Velcro strap helps the user to control the amount of pressure and support needed and creates a better fit by preventing the brace from rolling or moving. Available in sizes M and L to 4XL.

BRD Sport



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