August 2021

Arize Digital Orthotic Solution

Welcome to Arize: the digital orthotic solution that provides innovative designs through 3D printing. Arize creates efficiencies at every step of the process, which means you can go from scanning to placing an order in as little as 5 minutes. Plus, it’s flexible, easy-to-learn, and can easily be adapted into your current office workflow. Arize lets you select from familiar orthotic styles and adjustments as well as innovative design modifications such as Morton’s Extensions. The scanner captures highly accurate digital scans so you can deliver accurate and repeatable 3D-printed orthoses to your patients. With Arize you get precision and control, and your patients get improved function, fit, and feel. Our predictable, flat-rate pricing (see terms and conditions for exceptions) includes all available modifications and 1-way shipping. Our remote technical support team will help you feel confident every step of the way. 


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