September 2019

First Ever Medical Grade Electronic Tuning Fork Diagnoses DPN at Earlier Stages

Physicians have long known that the 128 Hz tuning fork is the most sensitive of the commonly used neurological screening tests available in clinical practice. The ETF¹²⁸(Electronic Tuning Fork/128 Hz) from O’Brien Medical, builds on this foundation and takes it to the next level. The ETF does this by electronically reproducing the most valuable features of the traditional tuning fork.

The improved accuracy and reproducibility afforded by this approach has been combined with an integrated timing function. The result is a modern medical instrument allowing physicians to diagnose diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN) at earlier stages.

Prompt diagnosis of this condition is critical as neuropathy is known to be the key precursor leading to foot ulcers, infections and amputations. Armed with the ETF, physicians will be able to more rapidly implement preventative strategies aimed at reducing limb loss.

Contact O’Brien Medical today for information on how you can better serve your customers by using our proprietary medical-grade ETF128 to speed diagnoses and treatment, thus reducing limb loss.

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