September 2019

OP-TEK Flex EVA Sheet in 4 Options

New from Curbell O&P, a division of Curbell Plastics, is OP-TEK Flex EVA Sheet. The material is a soft, flexible ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer designed to provide patient comfort when used as a flexible inner liner for rigid socket frames and inner boots orthoses. The OP-TEK Flex Family offers 4 options: Flex in black, Flex in natural, Flex Comfort, and Flex BiLam. Flex Comfort is silicone-free, which improves wall thickness consistency during fabrication. It is internally lubricated, making donning and doffing easier for patients. Flex BiLam improves both comfort and appearance since it has the ability to hide the trim lines and windows of carbon fiber socket frames.

Curbell Plastics


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