March 2019

Core-Spun Patterned AFO Socks by SmartKnit

Knit-Rite has long been a manufacturer of SmartKnit Seamless Socks made for adults and children who use AFOs. SmartKnit Seamless Socks are soft and comfortable, giving the feeling of a cool second layer of skin between the wearer and the AFO. Knit-Rite now offers Core-Spun Patterned AFO Socks by SmartKnit. The children’s AFO Socks are available in 2 patterns: thin line (white with grey and purple striping), cheery (black sock with bright blue, doughnut-shaped spots), and halo (3-pack of socks with the same pattern but in 3 different color combinations—white with soft yellow striping, grey with hunter green striping, and black with bright blue striping). For adults, Knit-Rite offers a classic diamond pattern for a professional look.



One Response to Core-Spun Patterned AFO Socks by SmartKnit

  1. David Scarpetti says:

    I’ve searched long and hard for ideal socks for AFOs. These look great but since the price on their site isn’t quickly available, I’m guessing they’re pricey. Technological advances resulting in expensive upgrades for the disabled aren’t always welcomed innovations. I’m used Dickies heavy duty socks. They fit tight (not too), pulled high, the heal nearly goes away, and plenty of height to fold over the top of the afo. They’re inexpensive and last a long time. Amazon.

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