March 2020

Swedish Ankle Foot Orthosis

Elite Orthopaedics has brought to market the Swedish Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO). This new, multifaceted AFO is designed to prevent foot drop and heel cord tightness, and to support the foot in a proper position. Indications include mild foot drop secondary to cerebrovascular accident and other neurological conditions. The AFO is made from injection-molded, durable polyethylene material. It is lightweight and has an easy-to-use hook and loop closure. The product is rigid yet can be easily trimmed for a customized fit. The design features an open heel and lower calf section to provide patient comfort. It is available in 4 configurations: women’s right and women’s left (9.5″ length), and men’s right and left (11″ length). Suggested HCPCS code: L1930.

Elite Orthopaedics Inc.


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