November 2018

Supportive Shock-Absorbing Orthotics

Cadence Insoles introduces a new model to its line of exclusive, retail-only, over-the-counter orthotics. The EX MP provides semi-rigid support, durable high-rebound/low-compression set polyurethane foam, and an antimicrobial, low-friction CoolMax top cover with a built-in metatarsal pad. The EX MP is only available for purchase from physicians’ offices and select retailers; it is not available for online sales. The EX MP was developed to meet demand for a full-length orthotic with a built-in metatarsal pad that provides greater shock-absorbing comfort and relief in the heel and forefoot. Cadence Insoles were designed by a physical therapist using feedback and outcomes from thousands of patients with various pain syndromes of the foot, knee, and hip. Practitioners may call or email for a free pair.

Cadence Insoles


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