January 2020

Shower Sole Scrubber and Foot Massager

For some patients, bending over to clean their feet is difficult and sometimes even dangerous. Cleaning one’s feet thoroughly, without bending over, is now possible with the Shower Sole Scrubber and Foot Massager available from Love, Lori, a company dedicated to advanced foot care. The product features hundreds of flexible, gentle scrubbing bristles to easily and thoroughly clean the user’s feet and otherwise hard-to-reach areas between the toes. In addition, the Shower Sole Scrubber and Foot Massager also serves to massage tired, achy foot muscles by stimulating lower extremity blood flow and circulation. By providing an avenue to healthy foot care, the scrubber helps to eliminate such common foot ailments as athlete’s foot and ringworm. Available in blue, pink, gray, and clear.

Love, Lori


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