January 2020

MyQuest Soft AFO for Foot Drop

Available from New England Foot Drop Center is the MyQuest soft ankle foot orthosis (AFO) for foot drop. The MyQuest AFO is designed to allow for flexibility and adjustability using three custom clips and elastic cords that attach a soft cuff worn around the ankle to the outside of the shoe. The AFO provides support for mild to severe dorsiflexion and limits inversion to avoid tripping, while allowing full range of motion of the leg, ankle, and foot to decrease the possibility of muscle atrophy. The custom clips can be attached to a variety of footwear, such as dress shoes, sandals, slippers, boots, and sneakers, so the AFO can be worn all day. The device also provides therapeutic support while stretching or exercising. MyQuest is available in black, white, and tan.

New England Foot Drop Center



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