June 2020


New from Mastercare, the Swedish Backcare System, is the Mini-Mini therapy table. The foldable, portable, and affordable table is recommended by specialists for youth athletes and for traveling when daily traction is needed. It can also be used at home as adjunctive therapy for the patient. The table uses gravity traction along with a system of therapeutic exercises for the relief, rehabilitation, and prevention of knee, hip, chronic back, neck, and shoulder problems. Due to its moving backrest, the table allows therapeutic exercises in 15-degree inclinations. By not incorporating a footplate into the Mini-Mini design, it allows both dorsiflexion and plantarflexion movements to avoid periostitis. The concept of Mastercare therapy is to provide for unloading of the discs, thereby reducing pressure and discomfort. The Mini-Mini is designed for users up to 220 lb. and 6’3″ tall.




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