March 2022


The MyOnyx rehab solution by Thought Technology features a sleek handheld device, equipped with surface electromyography (sEMG) sensors that measure and display muscle activity in real time. This information helps the physical therapist ensure the activation of the specific muscles being targeted for treatment. Both patient and therapist can see when exercises are performed correctly and efficiently. The system can be used for single- or dual-site muscle rehabilitation protocols (work/rest, rapid contractions, endurance, fine control, etc.). When muscle activity is greatly reduced, due to partial paralysis, EMG triggered electrostimulation is an effective technique to help restore strength and movement control. The MyOnyx provides 2 channels of STIM/EMG-triggered STIM and 4 channels of electrostimulation options, including NMES. MyOnyx is also a great tool for patient follow-up and outcome measurement.

Thought Technology


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