June 2020


WaveLife Energy Cell is a new, wearable, and all-natural application for reducing chronic pain. It uses an advanced form of frequency therapy, which clinical studies have shown to be effective. The patented electromagnetic frequency can retain and emit Vital Fields—a form of frequency therapy that introduces a subtle electromagnetic field into an area of damaged tissue where an injury or strain took place, and where pain is experienced. A composite cell material stores and emits the Vital Field therapy for up to 6 months. This chemical-free, wearable silicone patch can be placed on your body with a non-irritating adhesive material. The WaveLife Energy Cell influences cell activity in the body once it is placed on the skin by enhancing cell communication and expediting cell regeneration. It can be worn 24 hours per day, even while bathing, and no side effects have been reported by users.


WaveLife Technologies


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