April 2019

EVO Hybrid Lacer Ankle Stabilizer

Med Spec is proud to introduce the new EVO® Hybrid Lacer Ankle Stabilizer.  The EVO Hybrid Lacer has the same internal stirrup, external stabilizing straps and dynamic cuff as the regular EVO with the addition of a hybrid lace closure system.  The lower speed laces with hook & loop closure offer fast application and the upper traditional laces provide enhanced support.  Also, the boot portion of the EVO Hybrid Lacer is made from a knitted nylon material that is very comfortable and breathes well for extended wear.  The EVO Hybrid Lacer is bilateral and fits either the left or right foot.  Indications include: inversion or eversion ankle sprains, syndesmotic ankle sprain (high ankle sprain), subtalar joint instability, and medial or lateral ankle instability.

Med Spec



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