September 2019

Use Aquajogger Buoyancy Belts for Rehabilitation and Fitness

Thanks to Aquajogger’s signature Buoyancy Belts, users can now combine dynamic and forgiving deep and shallow water exercises with land-based exercises to maximize progress toward treatment, fitness, and wellness goals.

The groundbreaking Aquajogger Buoyancy Belt is suitable for Sports Performance, Fitness and Wellness, and Rehabilitation purposes.

The Aquajogger Buoyancy Belt comfortably suspends the user at shoulder level in deep water, allowing them to breathe normally and move freely while performing a wide variety of water exercises.

There is an Aquajogger Buoyancy Belt for all needs. Different models of buoyancy belts available include the Classic Belt, Fit Belt, Shape Belt, Shape Belt Pro, Pro Belt, Pro Plus Belt, Active Belt, and Travel Belt. There is also a Junior Belt for children.

Check out our products and resources on our website. Now you can innovate progress not achievable with land-based methods alone. The future is amphibious!



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