November 2019

High Achilles Ankle Brace Relieves Pain

The High Achilles Ankle Brace was designed to relieve pain in the back of the heel caused by inflammation of the Achilles tendon; it is appropriate for post-Achilles tendon rupture, tendonitis, and strains. According to BRD Sport, the 3D knit technology creates targeted intermittent compression and reduces swelling while relieving pain and enhancing circulation. This brace features a viscoelastic insert that runs along both sides of the Achilles tendon. The extra length of the viscoelastic insert helps to gently massage and stimulate the tissues in the affected area to relieve pressure from above the heel, while the extra length of the brace supports the upper muscles and tendons. A Velcro tab opening in the front allows for easy donning. The High Achilles Ankle Brace is a 3 D Knit Technology that creates a breathable, washable, latex free fabric. Each unit is right or left specific, and is available in sizes XS-XXL. Made in the USA.

BRD Sport


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