March 2021

Platform for Complex Foot and Ankle Measurements

CurveBeam has partnered with an artificial intelligence group to use a deep machine learning model to accurately segment and identify complex foot bone structures with little or no human intervention. The tool was trained using 300 datasets of healthy feet and ankles. The platform, called CubeVue Autometrics, is a secure web app to which clinicians can upload CurveBeam device datasets. The fully automated segmentation process takes about 2 minutes. Clinicians can view the segmented datasets in CubeVue Autometrics as 3D renderings and via multiplanar reconstruction presentations. Users can also apply a suite of measurement tools to the dataset, including CurveBeam’s Smart M1-M2 angle measurement tool, which computes the intermetatarsal angle, a common angle used in presurgical planning.



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