June 2021


The CITRESPLINE™ and CITRELOCK™ Ligament Reconstruction Devices from Acuitive Technologies are intended to firmly engage tendons and ligaments within a bone tunnel while preserving the integrity of the soft tissue during insertion of the device. These products are intended to be used during orthopedic surgeries for fixation of ligament or tendon tissue repairs of the knee, ankle, foot, shoulder, elbow, wrist, and hand. The CITRESPLINE/CITRELOCK systems use the company’s patented CITREGEN™ biomaterial technology. Its main component, citrate, is a naturally occurring anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory molecule that plays a crucial role in bone regeneration, regulating cellular metabolic processes and the formation of mineral structures. CITREGEN, the core material technology, releases molecules essential to bone formation throughout its bioresorption process leaving behind a biomimetic ceramic structure to be metabolized by the host tissue. This bioresorption process avoids the potential for bulk degradation and chronic inflammation.

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