May 2019

Medi-Dyne X Brace Proven to Relieve Heel Pain – Get a Free Sample!

Medi-Dyne Healthcare Products has acquired The X Brace – a Low-Dye Taping replacement and proven remedy for hard-to-treat clinical heel pain. Developed by Joshua P. Eldridge, DC, DACBSP, for relief of heel pain due to plantar fasciitis and Sever’s disease, the X Brace is an easy-to-use foot and heel support product.

The revolutionary X Brace provides a comfortable, low-profile, pain-relieving solution for previously hard-to-treat circumstances, such as when wearing flip flops or sandals, or when walking barefoot.

The X Brace has been used with incredible results by athletes and other sufferers worldwide, and now it is available for all pain sufferers. Medi-Dyne is now offering a FREE sample to anyone responding to this notice!

Medi-Dyne products, including The X Brace, are proudly made in the US. Medi-Dyne uses only the best materials and designs.

Use Email for a FREE sample of the X-Brace.

Medi-Dyne Healthcare Products


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