February 2022


RevoLock is a kit that a practitioner builds into a prosthetic socket. It offers an easy, simple, and secure solution so that patients can achieve proper suspension. There are 2 kit options: 4-Hole for standard alignment fabrication and Align for transferable alignment fabrication, pediatric applications, and upper extremity devices. RevoLock was designed for patients who struggle with their current suspension system or are looking for an innovative suspension approach, such as patients who have trouble locating a pin lock pin, have long or bulbous limbs, experience large volume change each day, or change activity often. To don, snap in the liner and turn the Click® Reel to pull the limb into the socket. To doff, turn the reel in the opposite direction to release and unsnap from the liner to disconnect from the socket. Learn more at ClickAcademy.co.

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