August 2021

Roam Robotics’ Ascend Smart Knee

The Ascend smart knee orthosis is designed to help relieve knee pain and support functional improvements, dramatically improving mobility for patients. State-of-the-art embedded sensor technology intuitively senses and supports everyday movements, such as ascending and descending steps, and can also help those struggling with strenuous or extended activities, such as gardening or long walks, without pain or discomfort. The wearable SmartPack has onboard microprocessors that utilize proprietary algorithms to recognize user intent and actively direct the device to adjust to the wearer’s needs. It also houses an air compressor and power source. A remote allows the user to easily manage support levels and activity modes on demand. Ascend’s lightweight frame makes it easy to don, provides stability, and comfortably integrates into daily life so users are able to move with more confidence. Ascend is available for pre-orders; shipping will begin in late summer of 2021.

Roam Robotics


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