August 2014

Defining Culture

bernie“Enriching and transforming lives through compassionate care and innovation” is our company mission statement. As our focus is on the pediatric special needs population, it’s pretty easy to stay attentive to that mission. Still, we know we can only make a difference in the lives of our patients with the dedication of our employees to our mission and the culture we strive to achieve.  Our culture is the “compass” that guides us.

While every organization has its own way of sharing its philosophy, we at SureStep define ourselves—our culture—in the following ways:

Compassionate care
Unparalleled service
Life changing outcomes
Tremendous team spirit
Unrelenting drive
Remarkable quality
Extreme innovation

Even though a company’s culture can be difficult to capture or define, we believe it can elicit a powerful energy in any organization. At the National Down Syndrome Congress Annual Convention in Indianapolis where I, as the founder of SureStep, was presented with the “Exceptional Meritorious Service Award,” that energy enveloped me. Since 1978, this award has honored and recognized individuals whose service and significant contributions to persons with Down syndrome and their families have had national or international significance.

The experience was humbling to say the least. It caused me to reflect on how what started as a simple idea has grown into a company filled with amazing people who have joined together to change the lives of children worldwide. It comes back to culture. Our team is made up of people with shared values, beliefs, and behaviors. This culture guides individual decisions and actions at the unconscious level. As a result, it has had a profound effect on SureStep’s well-being and success—a success that has allowed us to enrich and transform lives.

I hope that as parents and practitioners, you will join our extended family and experience the culture we have worked so hard to create.


Bernie Veldman, CO
CEO, SureStep


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