August 2021

Cheetah Xceed

The new Cheetah® Xceed was designed to enhance running symmetry over earlier models, making it an ideal foot for unilateral and bilateral amputee athletes who are participating in professional sports or recreational activities such as long-distance running. It is designed to translate the functionality of Össur’s high-performance blades to the needs of the everyday sports enthusiasts. It is appropriate for transfemoral and transtibial users participating in high impact activities, such as recreational jogging, trail running, distance running, and triathlons. It features a longer toe lever for increased energy storage and return. When the prosthesis hits the ground, the Cheetah blade compresses, storing and returning up to 90–95% of the potential energy for the next stride, much the way a leg’s calf muscles and Achilles’ tendons spring and recoil. 

Össur Americas


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