July 2011

Publisher’s memo: Our second year

Richard Dubin, Founder & Publisher

Another year has virtually flown by, and I am so happy to share with you LER’s progress as an organization in the past year. Thanks in no small part to you, our readers, we have experienced a lot of exciting accomplishments and achieved some key goals that I had set when I started the magazine.

I know you all can imagine that it takes considerable time, effort and energy to generate the amount of high quality editorial content that appears in every issue. I appreciate the drive and motivation of my editor, Jordana Bieze Foster, and am very pleased to share that she has won a silver award from the American Society of Healthcare Publications Editors for her “Out on a Limb” column that appeared in the September 2010 issue. When we started LER, I promised to provide her some additional editorial support, and made good on that promise this year with the hiring of associate editor Emily Delzell. Emily brings a wealth of editorial experience to the team and is a welcome asset.

In keeping with our commitment to provide innovative content, we have created numerous special editorial projects this past year. These include “A Real World Approach to Diabetic Footwear,” global convention coverage of the IOC Sports Injury Conference in Monaco and The Custom Orthotic Technology Forum in the U.K., and in this month the special pediatric section. Thanks to Dr. Comfort, DJO Global, Delcam, Allard, SureStep, LittleSteps, M.J. Markell Shoe Company, and KeepingPace for thinking “out of the box” and stepping up to sponsor and support these projects.

Our website, www.lermagazine.com, has already been redesigned for easier interactive access. On the social media front, reaching our first milestone of 1000 fans on Facebook is an incredible accomplishment in such a short time. Thanks to all of our fans for making that happen and supporting the movement.

Our book division published its first textbook, which I can tell you was a lot different than publishing a magazine. I thoroughly enjoyed the learning experience and want to acknowledge Paul Scherer, Annie Scherer, Lori Waters, Bruce Sherwin, and Linda DeMasi for their participation in the project. The book, Recent Advances in Orthotic Therapy, is an excellent resource for clinicians worldwide and I am proud that it is an LER project.

We’ve also established a marketing and PR consulting division to build websites, produce videos, and develop ads and other related services for practitioners and manufacturers.

On many levels, this year has been about how making commitments and keeping your word can lead to extraordinary achievements. It’s been about creating a great product with a great team.

It’s also been about keeping you engaged as readers. You are a big part of how we are able to continue on this path to success: We create excellent award-winning content, readers let us know that they love the magazine by commenting and responding to our advertisers, that attracts the advertisers who want to reach our readers, and that generates revenue that helps the magazine grow.

So a big thanks goes out to all of you who have embraced LER as your publication of choice. It is because of you that we continue to achieve new heights.

3 Responses to Publisher’s memo: Our second year

  1. Congrats to Jordana and everyone on the L.E.R. team for a year well done!

  2. John Thomas says:

    Outstanding job! Keep up the good work!

  3. Pierre Coudriau says:

    Great job Rich keep it going web site looks great.

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