February 2021

The Liner Wand Prosthetic Liner Hygiene Kit

The Liner Wand is a clinically proven, prosthetist-recommended prosthetic liner care and hygiene system. Originally brought to market under the name Apocrine, this titanium-based technology is now available directly to the consumer as a subscription service or 1-time purchase, and through the company’s Clinical Partner Program, prosthetists can receive free samples for use in their clinics. Unlike traditional soaps and alcohol wipes whose decontaminating effects can be short-lived, Apocrine technology makes cleaning liners quick and easy while delivering a deeper clean that lasts up to 2 weeks with 1 application. Applying a single thin coating of Apocrine solution creates a protective titanium barrier that helps decontaminate the liner and remove the bacteria byproducts that cause odor and skin irritation. The Liner Wand total hygiene kit includes non-soap cleanser, scrub brushes, and a supply of applicators. The kit is compatible with all liners.

The Liner Wand


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