February 2022


Occipital and TechMed 3D have partnered to integrate support for Occipital’s Structure Sensor Pro into TechMed3D’s software solutions to meet scan-to-fabrication needs across the healthcare industry. Healthcare professionals can connect a Structure Sensor Pro to an Apple iPad or iPhone, select a body part, and capture precise 3D models of patients in less than a minute. It’s ideal for a variety of applications including orthotics, prosthetics, compression garments, spinal braces, and custom footwear. The resulting 3D models can be easily modified for prescriptions and sent to manufacturing with CAD/CAM or 3D printing systems. The Structure Sensor Pro is built from the ground up for healthcare with an all-new, industrial-grade manufacturing and calibration process, more accuracy than ever, and with reliability and consistency. TechMed 3D’s suite of apps fully integrate Occipital’s Structure technology for a seamless scanning, viewing, and documentation experience.




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