October 2019

Comfort ToeWraps from PediFix

PediFix’s newly designed toe loops stabilize, “buddy,” and reposition toes to relieve pain from corns, hammer toes, and crooked digits. The Comfort ToeWraps are soft, non-stretch, foam-lined loops that separate, straighten, and align deformed toes without taking up space. They are also effective as a splint for broken, stubbed, or injured toes. The closed loop goes around one toe and the free end wraps around an adjacent toe, at a comfortable tension, with a hook-and-loop closure. They can be trimmed narrower with scissors, if desired. According to the company, Comfort ToeWraps are more comfortable, convenient, and longer-lasting than tape. They can be hand-washed and air dried for reuse. Free samples are available from the company.




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