April 2021

MFLEX Full-Body Deep-Tissue Muscle Release Tool

The MFLEX from Njoie is a full-body personal massage tool specifically designed to target the hard-to-reach trigger points most other massagers cannot. The MFLEX features an easily adjustable base that widens from 5.25″to 7.25″ with the push of a button, providing versatility to users depending on the muscle groups they are targeting and each user’s physical build. The interchangeable high and low heads help users make the transition from beginner to advanced, and a non-slip base with rubber tabs located at the bottom of either side of the device prevents it from sliding during use. The MFLEX directly aims to provide myofascial release, loosening up muscles, like the psoas, back, hamstrings, shoulders, neck, calves, and scapula, with precision. Its modular system with an intuitive design makes this the most customizable massager to keep you moving.




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