March 2021

CuraMedix EMTT Device, the MAGNETOLITH, Powered by STORZ Medical

CuraMedix’s MAGNETOLITH is an Extracorporeal Magnetotransduction Technology (EMTT) device, powered by STORZ Medical, that is used to treat chronic musculoskeletal diseases. This evidence-based, non-invasive technology is a complement to shock wave therapy; it is backed by significant research and has been shown to be successful in the regeneration and rehabilitation of complicated conditions to include degenerative joint diseases, acute and chronic pain, and sports injuries. The MAGNETOLITH is a potent tissue healing stimulator on various musculoskeletal tissue to include bones, tendons, muscles, joints, and fascia. Compared to other magnetic field technology, EMTT distinguishes itself due to its high oscillation frequency of 100–300 kHz. This feature allows for deeper penetration and a more comprehensive range of applications.



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