April 2022


DorsiFLEX is a patented device that places the foot in 3D variable and adjustable positions to deliver a deeper, targeted, and amplified stretch of the lower leg and foot muscles. It was developed for individuals who have plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, turf toe, chronic calf tightness/strain, and other lower leg and foot injuries. The design utilizes the Windlass mechanism of biomechanics to properly position the user’s foot for the best and most effective stretches and strengthening, resulting in a personalized approach that provides measurable relief in weeks rather than months or years. The indexed design allows for accurate measurement and tracking of progressive improvements in the foot and ankle range of motion. Designed to withstand over 350 pounds of weight, DorsiFLEX includes a non-slip ring to grip almost any floor surface while its base provides a comfortable padded area for the foot.



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