July 2013

SportFit Flex Orthosis

ComfortFit Labs has added a new orthotic device to its SportFit collection. The SportFit Flex is similar to the company’s SportFit device, but is designed for patients who cannot tolerate a semirigid shell. This new device is listed in the company’s 2013 Custom Orthotic Prescription Order Form. The new SportFit Flex has a semiflexible (Santoprene rubberized/plastic) shell, and offers moderate control and shock absorption. SportFit orthotic devices are intended for active patients in need of firm subtalar control for plantar fasciitis and severe pronation. Meta­tarsal length is standard, but other lengths can be requested.

ComfortFit Labs



One Response to SportFit Flex Orthosis

  1. Nancy says:

    After years of foot pain due to fat pad atrophy and high arches I know I need a silicone custom orthotic. I cannot tolerate semi rigid, but I need support. I also have tarsal tunnel bi-laterally. Can you make silicone custom orthotics or know where or how I can have them made.

    Thank you!


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