May 2022

F-Scan64 2.0 Gait Analysis Tool

Tekscan’s F-Scan64™ 2.0 is a new and improved, easy-to-use, cordless in-shoe pressure mapping system, designed for clinicians and clinical researchers seeking an efficient, dependable in-shoe gait analysis solution. It measures pressure and force during dynamic and static activities like walking, squatting, or lunging. It can also be used in pre- and post-rehabilitative treatment or to assist in orthotic or corrective footwear selection and design. Users can gather objective information on timing and plantar pressures, along with other essential gait parameters. The sensors are reusable and will last for multiple trials, depending on the application. F-Scan64 2.0 offers easy data retrieval when moving out of Bluetooth range, regardless of how far the subject travels from the computer. The software captures pressure, force, and temporal gait data, while also providing users access to the raw data for analysis. Six different sensors are available.



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