April 2020

New C-TEK MODStiff Material for Orthoses

When fabricating orthoses, many clinicians and technicians have sought a material with a flexural modulus (stiffness) between modified polyethylene (MPE) and copolymer polypropylene (copoly), with a 52 kpsi stiffness and 200 kpsi stiffness, respectively. In response, Curbell O&P, a division of Curbell Plastics, has introduced C-TEK MODStiff, based on polyethylene with a stiffness of 109 kpsi. The material can be used in applications such as night splints, AFOs, TLSOs, and SMOs, where MPE is not stiff enough and copoly is too stiff. The ability to down gauge material thickness provides the opportunity to lighten the weight of an orthosis. C-TEK MODStiff sheet is easy to fabricate with and form; no special fabrication techniques or equipment are needed. The material will “clear” in the oven similar to MPE and copoly. It is available in 2 thicknesses, 0.125″ and 0.156″, and 2 sheet sizes, 24″ x 48″ and 48″ x 96″.


Curbell O&P



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