January 2021

Smart Sock v2.0 and Sensoria Core Pair

Sensoria Smart Socks are infused with proprietary textile pressure sensors at the plantar area of the foot. Paired with a Bluetooth Smart detachable Sensoria Core, these sensors provide metrics to help improve running performance while decreasing the likelihood of injury, including foot landing technique, contact time on ground, cadence, and impact score, in addition to time, pace, and distance metrics. The customized Sensoria Run mobile app includes an artificial intelligence coach that provides real-time audio and video cues. With Sensoria Run v2.0 and the web dashboard, the user receives a graphical representation and trend analysis after each session. Results can be displayed by session, day, week, or month, allowing comparisons to be made over time. With the company’s virtual shoe closet, the user is also able to evaluate their results and shoes against a database of over 8,000 models of running shoes.

Sensoria Inc.



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