April 2019

OPTP Professional Catalog, Volume 39

OPTP has published the 39th edition of its professional catalog, which features innovative new products and books, many of which are available exclusively through OPTP. Therapy and fitness products in the catalog cover 16 categories: manual therapy; therapy essentials; neuroscience; women’s health; soft tissue, myofascial, and trigger points; taping; foam roller therapy; movement therapy; core strength and stability; Pilates and yoga, balance, and stretching; training and conditioning; foot therapy; and resistance exercise. Among the new and exclusive products, books, and resources included in this volume are the OPTP PRO-SLANT, Performance Wedges, Dynamic Duo Balance & Stability Trainers, Pelvic Rocker Core Trainer, OPTP Stability Trainer, PRO-ROLLER Massage Essentials (3rd Edition), and Making Sense of Pain: Stories and Analogies that Help Define Pain.




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