October 2019

3D Body Scanning Software for any Mobile Device

BodyForm3D, a Canadian technology startup founded by Antonin Bérubé, DPM, announced the launch of its first product, Podform, a 3D body scanning software that can be used with any mobile device. Podform is a ready-to-use application that is optimized for the custom-made footwear and healthcare industries. Users take a short video on their mobile device using the app, which captures morphological data, and upload the file directly into BodyForm3D’s intelligent cloud. An orthopedic lab then downloads a “smart file” and custom-made insoles or orthotics are ready to be instantly 3D-printed or manufactured on a CNC machine. This solution cuts patient wait times by half and reduces the cost of casting a patient’s foot to virtually zero, while increasing productivity and profitability.

BodyForm 3D

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