August 2020


Össur has introduced 2 prosthetic feet for less-active people with lower limb loss. Balance Foot S is a lightweight, waterproof, comfortable fiberglass prosthetic foot featuring a wide sole blade, innovative high-performance foam base that spans the length of the foot, and a unique cushioning foam heel, all to facilitate smooth rollover and sit-to-stand movements, as well as to enhance the user’s perception of stability. The Balance Foot S Torsion is ideal for low-active walkers who want a lightweight, waterproof comfortable foot for everyday use. It features the same wide sole blade, foam base, and cushioning heel, but has the added benefit of a torsion shock unit to help with turning movements, absorbing shock, and restoring rotational capabilities. Both feature an anatomical foot cover, a steady-grip sole, and a sandal clamping toe.

Össur Americas


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